Hi, I’m Clare. My main motivation to be a personal trainer is to be able to share my experience and help people on their journey to good health. I know first hand how good it feels when you’re putting your health and well-being first. It’s incredible the way the body and mind can complement one another and help you live well and be the best you can be, no matter what your situation.



Hi I’m Jess, I’m 25 and based in Melbourne. I’ve been Personal and group training for 5 years and sports coaching for 7, specialising in Cricket which is a huge passion of mine. Unfortunately my Cricket playing career was cut short due to injury, the way I overcame the upset of this was by turning my experience into a love for teaching myself and others about the importance of long term care for our bodies, whether that be to assist in sport and fitness goals or general functionality of the body for day to day movement. So I’m here to train and help people conquer goals all while educating as many people as possible on how and why to train ‘smart’ rather than just finding a ‘quick fix’!


Steph - Functional For Life - Personal Trainer

Hello, I’m Stephanie, Fitness coach and Exercise & Sports Scientist. My role is to use the science of how the body works, heals and adapts and apply that knowledge to realise your goals. I’ve worked in physiotherapy, elite sport and learned from world-class physique studios. Experience has shown that you don’t need to overdo yourself to get results and feel healthier. Making sustainable changes, smart programs and providing education on maintaining results and living healthy is the key. Getting you to the moment you feel stronger, healthier, and more confident is why I became a coach. Using science, I tailor the program to your movement, body, and circumstance by selecting specific exercises and providing nutrition, health and lifestyle advice for you.