Jack - Functional For Life - Personal Trainer in Adelaide - Profile Pic

My name is Jack and I’ve been passionately coaching in Adelaide for 8 years with experience in one-on-one and group coaching, bootcamp training, transformation programs and coaching sporting groups. At the age of 15 I put together my first home gym and have since been fascinated by the possibilities and results of consistent training that can be done outside of a ‘commercial gym’. Sharing this passion and being apart of the physical and mental transformations of others inspired me to move into the fitness industry. I believe a training program’s effectiveness is determined by a few factors: enjoyment, flexibility and consistency. Understanding this, I strive to use a holistic approach that allows clients to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes that are realistic and sustainable throughout one’s life. Having worked with a diverse clientele including young athletes, office workers, busy mums, bodybuilders, trades people and the elderly, I have always prioritised the importance of using exercises that represent human movement patterns and build strength and resiliency for all clients. Utilise your body as your most important exercise tool, then carry, lift and throw things to prepare your mind and body for what’s thrown at you through life. Just do the right things, in a safe way, so that life is energetic, pain-free and enjoyable!


Profile picture of Paige - Functional For Life - Personal Trainer in Adelaide

Hi, I’m Paige, I’ve been a personal trainer for 8 years, working in various states around Australia and now back in Adelaide. I started as a junior elite athlete and moved into the industry in 2013. Since embarking on my personal training journey I have vigilantly up-skilled attaining numerous additional qualifications including boxing, nutrition, running technique and outdoor fitness instructing. My passion is helping others achieve their health and fitness goals no matter how big or small they may be.


Ethan - Functional For Life - Personal Trainer in Adelaide

I’m Ethan, born and raised in Adelaide. Beginning my fitness journey in 2011, I had to overcome many setbacks. These setbacks sparked my passion for health and functional fitness as both a career and a lifestyle. They also gave me the unending drive to research and experience all aspects of fitness without limits. My journey has given me the experience and ability to compassionately lead my clients to developing capable, balanced bodies. I take pride in providing a service that focuses on attention to detail and long term progress over unimaginative “one-size-fits-all” coaching. Creativity is also my priority, in order to develop tailor-fit sessions that meet your needs and goals. For many people fitness is a complex and overwhelming challenge. It’s my life’s mission to guide my clients through their sometimes mysterious and often frustrating barriers to open up a whole new world of physical opportunities. I’m ready when you are!


Lidiya - Functional For Life - Personal Training Team - Adelaide
Hi my name is Lidiya and I am one of the personal trainers for Functional For Life Adelaide. A bit about me, I am a second year physiotherapy student at the University of South Australia. I have always loved being active and motivating other to be active. I have a passion for learning about the human body and using my knowledge to better myself as a personal trainer. I believe anyone is capable of achieving their fitness and health goals, these goals being specific to that individual. Our health and well-being should always come first.