Are you looking for tailored, accessible, and expert physiotherapy care? We’re here for you. Functional For Life brings mobile physiotherapy services to your preferred location, providing an inclusive and supportive environment to accomplish your health and fitness objectives. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you!

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What is Mobile Physiotherapy?

Mobile physiotherapy, also known as in-home physiotherapy, is an innovative service model that makes professional physiotherapy accessible in the comfort of your home, workplace, or any location you prefer. This approach to physical healthcare eliminates the need for travel, ensuring that you receive the necessary treatment without disrupting your routine or lifestyle.

The idea behind mobile physiotherapy is simple yet powerful: healthcare should be flexible, accessible, and revolve around the patient. This service aims to bring physiotherapy to you, ensuring that your therapy sessions fit seamlessly into your schedule and that you can receive treatment in an environment that is most comfortable and convenient for you.


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The Benefits of Mobile Physiotherapy

Choosing mobile physiotherapy opens up a world of benefits that go beyond the convenience of receiving treatment in a familiar setting:

  • Convenience and Time Efficiency: Say goodbye to travel time, traffic, and waiting rooms. Get high-quality physiotherapy services without having to step out of your door.
  • Personalised, One-on-One Care: With mobile physiotherapy, you receive undivided attention from your therapist. This means a customised treatment plan that’s meticulously designed to cater to your specific health needs and recovery goals.
  • Comfort and Privacy: Therapy sessions conducted in a familiar, comfortable environment can significantly enhance the effectiveness of treatment. Privacy can also help you relax, allowing for a more focused and effective session.
  • Easier Integration of Treatment into Daily Life: Mobile physiotherapy allows your therapist to understand your living environment, which can be beneficial in creating a personalised treatment plan that incorporates your daily activities and lifestyle.

Functional For Life's Tailored Physio Approach

At Functional For Life, we believe in the uniqueness of every individual, and our approach to physiotherapy reflects this belief. Our mobile physiotherapists are highly skilled and experienced professionals committed to providing personalised care that addresses your specific needs, goals, and physical condition.

We employ a variety of effective treatment techniques, ensuring a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to your healing and wellbeing. Our services go beyond the treatment of symptoms; we aim to understand and address the root cause of your physical issues to help you achieve lasting wellness.

Mobile Physiotherapy for NDIS Clients

Functional For Life is proud to extend our professional and personalised mobile physiotherapy services to participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We understand the unique needs and challenges of NDIS participants, and our NDIS personal trainers are skilled at providing effective and respectful therapy in line with each individual’s NDIS plan.

Our commitment to making physiotherapy services accessible and tailored ensures that NDIS participants can receive the therapeutic care they need, right in the comfort of their homes.


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At Functional For Life, we are committed to making professional physiotherapy services accessible, flexible, and highly effective. Experience the difference that personalised care can make on your path to recovery and overall wellness.

Whether you’re in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, our mobile physiotherapy services are available to bring healing and wellness right to your doorstep. Don’t let physical constraints or a hectic schedule deter you from receiving the therapeutic care you need and deserve.

Connect with us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. Let’s embark on your journey to optimal health together.

Physiotherapist assisting with stretching

Our Locations

Our mobile physiotherapy services are available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. We bring our services directly to our clients, so you receive the treatment you need at a location that is convenient for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile physiotherapy can address a wide range of physical conditions, including muscle and joint pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, neurological conditions, and more. Our therapists develop personalised treatment plans to cater to your specific condition and recovery goals.

Once you’ve booked an appointment, a skilled physiotherapist from Functional For Life will visit you at your chosen location, be it your home, workplace, or local park. The therapist will assess your condition, develop a tailored treatment plan, and guide you through various therapeutic exercises.

Functional For Life offers mobile physiotherapy services across Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Please contact us for more information about our service areas.

Absolutely! Functional For Life is proud to provide mobile physiotherapy services to participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We ensure that our therapeutic care aligns with each individual’s NDIS plan.

Our therapists adhere to stringent hygiene and safety protocols, including thorough sanitisation of equipment and regular health screenings. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

To schedule a mobile physiotherapy session, you can reach out to us via our contact form or call us directly. We’ll then organise an appointment at a time and location that suits you best.

You don’t need to prepare anything specific. Our physiotherapists will bring all the necessary equipment for your session. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement.

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