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Reinvigorate your workout program with outdoor personal training! Our team of expert personal trainers can turn your backyard, local park, the beach, or any outdoor location of your choice into your own personal gym! Our completely mobile service means we deliver results-based training to you; helping you save time and seamlessly fit training in around your lifestyle.  

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Save Time and Money

Having a trainer meet you at your local park not only saves you travel time but saves you having to pay for a gym membership. Our team of trainers can run highly effective outdoor personal training sessions through bringing the equipment and expertise to you.

More Space, More Opportunities

Training in the vast open spaces of a park or your preferred outdoor location, opens the door to an array of cardio-based exercises that can’t be performed with ease in the confined space of a gym. Greater space to move through ‘non stationary cardio (i.e. exercise bike, treadmill), provides us with opportunities to use a greater variation of movement patterns and a wider range of options for cardio exercises.   

A training friendly environment

One of the most common barriers to exercise we hear from new clients is the gym environment. Whether you find the gym too crowded, too intimidating, or you just don’t feel comfortable there We understand that the gym environment is not for everyone. Training outdoors provides an effective alternative to the gym and has the added benefit of spending time out in the fresh air and beautiful open spaces Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne have to offer!

Shaking up your routine

A monotonous exercise routine can certainly be a factor towards losing motivation to train. Training outdoors means your environment is always changing, whether this is the location you choose, the weather or who and what is around you. Training in varied environments can help keep you engaged and present in the workout time and time again.

looking to try outdoor PT?

The idea of achieving your health and fitness goals outdoors and outside the gym might seem like a foreign concept, however we have proven time and time again that you can achieve outstanding results through mobile personal training. However, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. This is exactly why we offer a free no obligation trial, so you can be certain mobile training is going to be the right fit to help you achieve you goals!

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Improve your movement

Support and

The pinnacle of a successful personal training program is achieving your goals whilst developing positive life long health habits. At Functional For Life our trainers are passionate about providing you with all the tools necessary to maximise your chance of improving your health holistically. We are constantly looking for ways to help you transcend poor habits and become the healthiest and happier version of you. Our additional support help you to stay on track, and keep you accountable. Outside of our individual private personal training sessions we offer:

It all starts with a
free trial

Your success is our Priority. For this reason we want you to try our services with no risk before making any commitments. We believe connecting with a personal trainer that is suited to your personality and your needs is paramount to your overall success. Through our free trial one of our experienced trainers will come to you and work with you to understand and set your fitness goals as well as take you through the key components of our training system. The free trial includes:

Goal Setting Clarity

Movement Screening

Self Massage Techniques

Fitness Testing

Functional Training Session

Today is a great day to take the first step in your fitness journey! Enquire Below or call 1300 070 955 to arrange a session!