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Personal Trainer Jobs for a fulfilling career!

At Functional For Life PT, we’re expanding our dynamic team across Australia’s major cities – SydneyMelbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. If you’re passionate about fitness and looking to elevate your personal training career, you’re in the right place.

Why choose a career with functional for life Personal Training?

Nationwide Reach

With a presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane, we offer a vast network for personal trainers looking to make their mark.

Continuous Growth

Our trainers are the backbone of our success. We invest in your growth with consistent upskilling, workshops, and certifications, ensuring you're always ahead in the ever-evolving fitness industry.

Commitment to Excellence

Our reputation, bolstered by hundreds of five-star reviews, showcases our dedication to quality training and client satisfaction.

Team Spirit

At Functional For Life PT, we're more than just colleagues; we're a tight-knit family. Experience camaraderie, mentorship, and a work environment that celebrates every success, no matter how big or small.

Positions available

  • Personal Trainer: Engage with clients to deliver bespoke fitness programmes tailored to individual needs.

  • Senior Personal Trainer: Lead teams and craft unique training modules while interacting with a diverse clientele.

How to apply

If you’re searching for ‘personal training jobs near me’ or keen to embark on a rewarding career in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Adelaide, we’d love to hear from you. Send in your applications and let’s discuss how you can be a part of the Functional For Life PT family.

Frequently asked questions:

In Australia, a Certificate IV in Fitness is the minimum qualification required to become a personal trainer. You’ll also need to have a current first aid and CPR certificate. Many trainers also opt for additional certifications in specialized areas like strength training, nutrition, or working with specific populations (like the elderly or children) to broaden their client base.

As a personal trainer looking to join our team at Functional For Life, mobile personal training offers you the unique opportunity to take your expertise directly to clients, right where they’re most comfortable. You get to be part of a fitness revolution that prioritizes convenience, customization, and direct client relationships.

Why Mobile Personal Training with Functional For Life?

  1. Variety and Flexibility: Say goodbye to the four walls of a gym. Working as a mobile personal trainer allows you to train clients in a variety of settings, from homes and offices to local parks. This keeps your workday interesting and allows for more diverse training programs.

  2. Personal Connection: You’ll get the chance to know your clients on a deeper level, understanding their lifestyle, needs, and constraints more intimately. This can help you tailor your training methods more precisely, resulting in more satisfied clients.

  3. Business Development: You’re not just a trainer; you’re essentially a one-person fitness business. You’ll develop skills in customer service, scheduling, and marketing as you manage your list of clients.

  4. Autonomy: There’s a certain degree of freedom and independence when you’re not tied down to one location. You’ll have more control over your schedule, allowing for a better work-life balance.

  5. Equipment Flexibility: Use what’s available at the client’s location or bring specialized equipment to tailor workouts even further. This encourages creativity and can be a fun challenge.

So if you’re passionate about delivering tailored fitness solutions and thrive on the freedom and challenges that come with being mobile, Functional For Life could be the perfect fit for you. Join us to be part of this exciting journey in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney!

The number of sessions you can expect to conduct each week as a mobile personal trainer with Functional For Life varies based on several factors. These include your availability, the demand for personal training services in your area, and your ability to attract and retain clients.

Factors Influencing Session Volume:

  1. Location: We operate in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney, and each city has its unique demand. Generally, larger cities may offer more opportunities.

  2. Client Retention: Building a stable client base is key to consistent work. The better you are at retaining clients, the more sessions you can expect.

  3. Your Availability: Naturally, the more available you are, the more sessions you can book. Flexibility is often attractive to potential clients.

  4. Marketing and Referrals: As part of our team, you’ll benefit from our marketing efforts, but word-of-mouth and client referrals can also significantly impact the number of sessions you have.

  5. Seasonal Fluctuations: The fitness industry does experience some ebb and flow based on the season, holidays, and even the state of the economy.

A Rough Estimate:

On average, our trainers tend to conduct anywhere from 15 to 30 sessions a week, depending on the factors mentioned above. However, this is a flexible field, and there’s ample opportunity to grow your client base and, by extension, the number of sessions you deliver each week.

Being a part of Functional For Life offers you the platform to maximise your earning potential, meet a variety of clients, and work in a flexible and dynamic environment. If you’re proactive and motivated, the sky’s the limit for how many sessions you could eventually offer.

As a mobile personal trainer with Functional For Life, you’ll primarily need a set of basic but versatile equipment to deliver high-quality training sessions across diverse settings, such as clients’ homes, parks, or corporate offices. Essential gear includes a range of dumbbells, resistance bands, a yoga mat, a skipping rope, kettlebells, and a foam roller. It’s also advisable to have a Bluetooth speaker for music, a first aid kit for safety, extra water bottles, and towels. Optional items like an agility ladder and body measurement tools can further enhance your sessions. When you join our team, you’ll get detailed guidance on the equipment you’ll need, as well as ongoing support to make sure you’re fully equipped to meet your clients’ needs. Fortunately a basic starter kit can be as low as $250 and of course if you find that mobile PT is for you the sky is the limit on the equipment you can have available for clients at your training sessions!

If you’re considering joining our team as a personal trainer, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer a diverse range of services, which allows you to utilise your skills in various settings and with different client groups. Here’s what you can expect to be involved in:

  • Individual Personal Training: You’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients, creating customised workout plans that suit their specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or overall wellbeing.

  • Group Fitness Classes: If you excel in motivating a group and love the community atmosphere, you’ll get to lead group fitness classes focusing on aspects like strength building, cardio improvement, and mental wellness.

  • Corporate Fitness Programs: We also partner with businesses to offer corporate wellness programs. As a trainer, this allows you to engage with employees in a workplace setting, promoting both physical and mental health.

  • Online Personal Training: For trainers who are comfortable using digital platforms, we offer online training services. This can broaden your client base to include those who prefer to workout from home or are based in different locations.

  • Home Personal Training: Some clients prefer to train in the comfort of their own home. You’ll have the chance to offer personalised home sessions, making fitness more convenient for the client.

  • Outdoor Personal Training: If you love the great outdoors, you can lead sessions in parks or open spaces, offering a fresh and engaging setting for clients to exercise in.

  • NDIS Personal Training: We’re proud to support the NDIS community by offering specialised training sessions aimed at improving functional health and overall wellbeing.

So, no matter what your specialisation or interest as a trainer, we offer a wide range of services that will allow you to utilise your skills and passion for fitness effectively.

PS – Passion for fitness knows no bounds. Even if you don’t see the perfect role for you listed, we encourage spontaneous applications. At Functional For Life PT, we’re always on the lookout for that spark – the drive to make a difference!