Corporate Fitness Programs

Corporate Fitness Programs

Corporate group training is a great way to build rapport between colleagues whilst improving employee well-being and productivity. Functional For Life has designed a corporate fitness program that works to improve the postural issues that many office workers commonly face. These programs address the structural limitations caused by excessive sitting aiming to achieve pain-free, strong & efficient movement.

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At Functional For Life we specialise in bringing the equipment and expertise to the location that suits your workplace. We have successfully run corporate fitness programs in both office buildings and outdoor areas close to the office. In order to run an effective session all we require is enough space to put down a gym mat per group member. Enquire to find out if we can help you and your team train at the location that suits you!

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The benefits of a corporate fitness program

The benefits of a corporate fitness program are plentiful. Research has shown that a corporate fitness programs create a win-win situation having both a positive impact on both employees and employers. Research has shown that the specific benefits include, reduced costs, reduced stress, greater productivity and improved morale and finally improved relationships. For a more in depth look at this research click here. If you are thinking about implementing corporate personal training but don’t know where to start, follow the link for a greater break down on our insights into the benefits and the considerations of corporate PT.

Experience premium ongoing

Our support doesn’t end within the confines of your session. We have created systems to help you stay on track with your fitness day in day out. At Functional For Life we believe that helping you make habitual changes towards a healthier lifestyle is paramount to your wellbeing. Outside of your corporate fitness sessions we have supports in place to guide you towards healthy decisions and hence improve your health on a holistic level. 

Our commitment to
you and your team

We are comitted to providing members of your team with training that is tailored to their individual needs and abilities. We understand that each corporate fitness program works with a vast range of capabilities and we pride ourselves on making all members of the team feel comfortable and challenged to a level that is right for them.

Our experience has also highlighted a training environment that is fun and engaging plays a key role in the success of a program. Through exercise variation and challenges we have had success working with numerous corporate groups in doing this.

guiding your team to
better health

Often associated with corporate work is long periods of inactivity and countless hours of sitting down. Since the inception of Functional For Life in 2016 we have consistently been developing our training strategies to counteract this lifestyle. In short we do this through an interplay of mobility techniques, strengthening and activation exercises. Our corporate fitness programs aim to deliver these exercises in the right order at the right time, with the optimal goal of imparting dramatic improvements on how our clients move and feel in day to day life.

It all starts with a
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Your success is our Priority. For this reason we want you to try our services with no risk before making any commitments. We believe connecting with a personal trainer that is suited to your personality and your needs is paramount to your overall success. Through our free trial one of our experienced trainers will come to you and work with your team to understand and set fitness goals as well as take you through the key components of our training system. The free trial includes:

Goal Setting Clarity

Movement Screening

Self Massage Techniques

Fitness Testing

Functional Training Session

Today is a great day to take the first step in your fitness journey! Enquire Below or call 1300 070 955 to arrange a session!

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