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Like many services personal training can vary greatly in cost. Typically ranging from $60 to $130 per hour.

There are a range of factors that influence the price of a personal training session. Each individual personal trainer and personal training business has full autonomy over their personal training prices. The factors that often influence price include:

  • The experience level of the trainer
  • How sessions are paid for (it is often cheaper to pay for a 12-week block of sessions up front then on a weekly debit or per session payment)
  • The depth of the training service – including the level of nutrition advice and guidance, the availability of the trainer outside of sessions to assist with any questions or provide additional guidance, the general guidance outside of sessions i.e. does the trainer provide additional programming outside of sessions, do they provide other structures to help you reach your goals outside of sessions, i.e. food diaries.
  • How many sessions per week. It is common for sessions to be discounted if a client is doing multiple sessions per week.

Mobile personal training typically refers to a personal training service that is conducted at the location of the client’s choice. Generally mobile personal trainers will conduct their sessions at people’s homes or an outdoor location such as a park, or the beach.

The key questions that must be answered here is what are your goals? The majority of peoples health goals can be achieved outside of a gym, these goals include weight loss, strength and conditioning, toning, improved mobility and rehabilitation. On the contrary if your goals revolve around body building or power lifting gyms are more than likely the environment you will need to achieve your goals.

 Yes. Mobile personal trainers carry all of the fitness equipment required to help their clients reach their specific goals. In addition mobile personal trainers can work with equipment that you may already own or have access to, i.e. an apartment gym.

Yes we do. In fact, at Functional For Life our passion is helping people holistically improve their life through personal training. Our team is consistently up-skilling to ensure we can deliver industry leading personal training to the location of your choice.

 Typically, our mobile personal trainers service within 15km of the Adelaide CBD. As our team grows, we will endeavour to expand our reach in Adelaide and South Australia.

Typically, our mobile personal training team can cover within 12km of the Melbourne CBD. As our team expands, as will our capacity to service Melbourne and more broadly Victoria.

Our team typically services with 7km of the Sydney CBD. We are regularly looking to expand our personal training team in Sydney and as we do this, we endeavour to consistently expand our reach in Sydney.

Mobile personal training sessions can be run in spaces as small as the size of a gym/yoga matt. Of course, the greater the space available the wider the range of exercises that can be implemented. At Functional For Life we have run effective sessions in one bedroom apartments through to the vast spaces of a large park.

Yes we do. The vast majority of the time, body corporate welcome external personal trainers to come in and help their residents get the most out of the gym facilities. In fact working with a PT in an apartment gym can be a great way to ensure all equipment is being used effectively and safely.  

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