What is Functional Training?

The word ‘Functional’ is among the most used terms in the fitness space today. Arguably popularised by brands

Breaking Down Fad Diets

“Lose 15 kgs fast” “The weight-loss shake that doctors don’t want you to know about”   “The 7-day detox

Stretches For Your Body

Stretching for optimal movement At Functional For Life Personal Training, we are obsessed with the ‘why’ of training.

Why foam rolling? Part two

Welcome back as we continue our discussion on ‘myofascical release’ and why we foam roll or do any

Should age be a barrier to exercise?

Gladys Burill, the oldest woman to complete a marathon at an age of 92 (credit: http: Hi Readers, Today, we’re focusing on

Are you forcing results?

Squats, Lunges, and the more advanced Jump Squats are all exercises that have a lot in common. They

Why the why matters?

Today more than ever there is so much information out there about the best way to reach your