Terms and Conditions

Payment and Cancellation Policy:

All payments are made in advance of sessions in either 12 weekly payments or 1 upfront payment. (If clients require special conditions such as fortnightly payments this can be arranged).
The minimum term for all memberships is 12 weeks and as such contracts can’t be cancelled prior to the completion of this 12 week term. After this term contracts can be cancelled at anytime. The direct debit membership automatically terminates after 12 weeks, this ensures that if any sessions are missed due to illness or unforeseen circumstances during the 12 week term they can be caught up at the end of the package before commencing on a new debit. Therefore debits do not need to be adjusted week to week as any sessions missed are caught up at the end of the package.

Functional For Life will restart debits after the 12 week term once all sessions owed have been completed, after the 12 week term is completed the account can be cancelled at anytime through notifying management via email or phone.

All upfront payments are non refundable for any reason including but not limited to illness (without medical certificate), relocation or changes in mind, however credit will remain on the account for up to 12 months should the client need a break from training due to unforeseen circumstances.

If the client is going away for holidays, or needs to take a break from training for a short period due to unforeseen circumstances the account can be placed on suspension by notifying management via phone or email.

8 hours notice is required to cancel sessions without being charged, should you cancel within 24 hours the trainer will try and arrange a catch up session within that retrospective week or the following. If this can not be possible the session can be caught up at the end of the package.

If the trainer cancels a session the missed session is credited to the account and is to be made up at a future date.

Late Policy:

If you are late to a session the session will finish at the original scheduled time.

If the trainer is late to a session it will be extended by the duration the trainer is late, If this can not be done on that particular day this time will be added to a session in future.
Operations Policy

Trainer will be assigned to Client by Functional For Life PT and is subject to change at any time. Client may request a new Trainer and Functional For Life PT will make every effort to accommodate if circumstances allow.

Clothing and Equipment Policy:

Appropriate workout clothing should be worn at all times. Please ensure you bring a towel and water bottle to all sessions. Due to Covid-19 it is preferred that you provide your own exercise mat. The trainer will provide relevant equipment related to the sessions, clients are able to bring personal equipment to training sessions to be used at the discretion of the trainer if deemed appropriate.

Indemnity Policy: 

Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Functional For Life PT PTY LTD and its Trainer(s) for any injuries, illnesses, and the like experienced as the result of Client’s Training Sessions. Client agrees to inform Functional For Life PT and Trainer of any and all conditions, medical or otherwise, that may affect their ability to participate in Training Sessions.