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Ben - PT

“Being able to help you move optimally whist achieving your health goals is my passion!”

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“I first stepped into fitness to lose weight and once I got serious I ended up losing 40kgs, the difference in how you feel is beyond what I can tell you. That is why I want to help you feel what I felt, achieve what I was able to achieve but the easier way. Im well versed with dealing with older clients, diabetic clients and asthmatic clients however I have a huge love for plyometric movements and helping create strength in your everyday life. Being able to help you move and live freely and safely is important for me. Choosing to train with me means you get my full support for training weight loss and strength training that best suits you and ensures you can live the rest of your life no longer being held back by the issues your currently facing no matter how big or small. That’s what Functional for life is all about helping you reset, build and flourish into your future.”

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