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“PT is not a race, but a journey for long sustainable results”

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Hi, my name is Brodie and I am a coach at Funtional For Life, Adelaide. So little about me, I’ve been a coach for 3 years, and I’m known well down the south of Adelaide as a movement restoration coach. I’ve always been fascinated by biomechanics of the human body, and what the body can achieve under vigorous stress or intensive rehabilitation. Recently, I’ve been extremely invested in expanding my knowledge in scapular impingement affecting shoulder range of motion. My coaching journey began in late high school, when my PE teacher asked me to help a disabled classmate, to complete a squat. The reaction from my classmate when he realised his ability to complete the task has driven me forward. My objective as a Coach is to restore movement and educate people in safe techniques whilst lifting or under load. This is not a race, but a journey for long sustainable results where movement is no longer a hindrance and burden to the person’s life.

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