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Looking to work with a personal trainer in Doncaster and surrounding suburbs? Look no further. At Functional For Life Personal Training we are here to help you work towards your fitness goals at the time and location of your choice. Perhaps you’d like to train in one of the beautiful local parks including Ruffey Lake Park, Heritage Boulevard Park or one of the many other perfect outdoor locations Doncaster and the surrounding suburbs has to offer. Or you’d simply like to cut out the Hustle and bustle of commuting to and from a gym by having a personal trainer rock up at your home. Either way mobile personal training is exactly what we specialise in, bringing all of the necessary equipment and expertise to you.

At Functional For Life we are not here to deliver a stock standard, cookie cutter training program. We pride ourselves on getting to know exactly how we can best help you reach your goals whilst simultaneously looking for opportunities to help optimised your day to day movement, allowing you to feel more competent and stronger in your day to day tasks.

Our trainers specialise in functional training and a range of niches driven by each personal trainers individual passions,  including boxing training, mixed martial arts, muscle gain and bulk and weight loss.

Most importantly we are big believers in allowing all of our clients to make a fully informed decision before making any final decisions. For this reason we run a completely free, no obligation trial to ensure you are 100% confident we are the right fit to work with you. If you’re looking for personal training in Doncaster and surrounding suburbs we would love to hear from you. Reach out for a free trial today and we will be in touch to take you through the next steps!



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Your success is our Priority. For this reason we want you to try our services with no risk before making any commitments. We believe connecting with a personal trainer that is suited to your personality and your needs is paramount to your overall success. Through our free trial one of our experienced trainers will come to you and work with you to understand and set your fitness goals as well as take you through the key components of our training system. The free trial includes:

Goal Setting Clarity

Movement Screening

Self Massage Techniques

Fitness Testing

Functional Training Session

Today is a great day to take the first step in your fitness journey! Enquire Below or call 1300 070 955 to arrange a session!