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Kensington is one of the more modest suburbs of Sydney, offering residential refuge from the bustling city and busy beaches. Although, a mix of the metropolis and seaside culture definitely oozes into Kensington, as it’s full of beautiful art and delicious dining. The town is also surrounded by multiple lush gardens and parks, making it an outdoorsy area.

Our trainers in the Kensington area can meet you at Kensington Park, Raleigh Park, or the back areas of Moore Park and Centennial Park which includes E S Marks Athletics Field and Fearnley Grounds. If you’re looking for a more private session, we can meet you at your doorstep too. We offer single, couple or group training sessions so you can decide to make your workout a social activity or to make it an opportunity to get some one-on-one time with your trainer.

We’ll come ready with high quality equipment and a fitness plan to take you through. As experts in stamina, strength, flexibility, power and coordination, we base your regime off a balanced mix of all types of physical activity so you’re improving in more ways than one. If you want to focus on a particular goal, speak to your trainer and they will help take you there.

Our experts will be waiting for you when you’re ready – simply reach out to our team via phone or email and we’ll answer any questions you may have. We can also set you up on a free, 60 minute, no obligation trial. See you in Kensington and surrounding suburbs soon!


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Your success is our Priority. For this reason we want you to try our services with no risk before making any commitments. We believe connecting with a personal trainer that is suited to your personality and your needs is paramount to your overall success. Through our free trial one of our experienced trainers will come to you and work with you to understand and set your fitness goals as well as take you through the key components of our training system. The free trial includes:

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Movement Screening

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Today is a great day to take the first step in your fitness journey! Enquire Below or call 1300 070 955 to arrange a session!