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Do you balance your workouts?

Recently a friend of mine on Facebook shared a video with the title ‘How to Lose Lower Belly Fat’. I was curious as to how they proposed you do this. Firstly, the body works in such a way that you cannot specifically pin point weight loss to a certain part of the body. Where you lose weight comes down to where you store body fat and genetics. However, engaging in an exercise program and eating healthy will allow you to lose weight eventually from where you would like to lose it.

Now onto the exercises they did to lose this weight:

As you can see above there are a lot of the same muscles being used. This approach isn’t highly functional and a lot of these exercises require a high level of deep core control (which many people will initially lack when starting a new work out program) to ensure they are being done properly. I use this only as an example to prompt your thinking on if your workouts are balanced. At Functional For Life Mobile PT we suggest you balance the following movements in your workouts over the course of one session or alternatively over the week. These movements and examples are as follows:

Whilst there is only one example for each above, there is a huge variation of exercises that can be done for each of those groupings. We suggest you start Googling or alternatively visit for regular video updates of various exercises that fit into these categories. We hope you are mindful of doing a variety of functional movements when you are doing your training. PS a final Functional Tip, the majority of the muscles in the upper body are designed for pulling. So consider doing 2 pulling exercises for every upper body pushing/press exercise. This will help to keep the body balanced!

Warning: The training and instructional content contained on this website should be taken as information and not medical advice. Please consult your health professional before attempting these exercises.

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