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Group training VS Individual training: Which Is Right For Me?

What Is Private Personal Training?


Private personal training, alternatively known as one-on-one training, is an intimate fitness journey where a dedicated professional exclusively mentors an individual. This bespoke experience ensures that exercises, routines, and dietary advice are meticulously crafted to resonate with the client’s aspirations, physical capabilities, and potential limitations. This individualised approach can be the exact formula required for those seeking a structured, efficient, and hyper-personalised path to fitness.


Delving Deeper into Individual Training


The essence of individual training lies in its personalised nature. Every session is a reflection of the client’s fitness journey, with exercises tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. This approach allows for a deep understanding of one’s body, its capabilities, and areas that need improvement. The trainer can also provide real-time feedback, ensuring that every movement is executed with precision, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring maximum benefit.

In addition, individual PT allows the trainer and client to agree upon appropriate tracking measures, keeping both the individual and trainer accountable to progress as the sessions evolve. Tracking progress is commonly done through measurements in key areas including the hips, waist, thighs, upper arms and calves. Additional forms of tracking can include scales which can range from simply giving a reading on weight right through to scales that give details on body composition, such as muscle and fat percentages within the body.

Benefits Of Individual Personal Training


  • Fast Results: The undivided attention from a seasoned trainer ensures workouts are laser-focused, often leading to accelerated results.
  • Effective Workouts: The bespoke nature of sessions ensures exercises are carefully picked based on the individual’s unique needs, amplifying their effectiveness.
  • Tailored to the Individual: From tailored dietary advice to curated workout routines, every facet is personalised. This becomes paramount for those with specific health concerns or nuanced goals.
  • Professional Oversight: With a private personal trainer, you’re privy to expert advice, ensuring every squat, lunge, and push-up is executed with precision.

What Is Group Personal Training?


Group personal training is as it sounds, whereby a personal trainer will guide a group of individuals through a workout. The format of these workouts can vary greatly from resistance based circuit style training, to group boxing classes right through to intertwining a range of equipment including weights, bands, treadmills, bikes, aerobic steps etc.

While these sessions might not offer the drilled down focus on the movement of each individual that you would receive in one-on-one training, they certainly exude a communal vibrancy. The camaraderie and collective energy can be a fantastic motivator, especially for those who thrive amidst peers.

Fortunately, group training has become ever more popular in recent times and there are a vast range of opportunities to get involved, from group training gyms such as but certainly not limited to F45, 12 Round Fitness, Orange Theory and BFT. In addition many business offer privately organised group training whereby a group of individuals organise a trainer to come to them or meet a trainer at a local gym.


The Group Dynamic


Group training sessions are often characterised by their energetic atmosphere. The collective motivation of participants can push individuals to achieve more than they might on their own. Moreover, these sessions often incorporate a variety of exercises, ensuring that participants get a well-rounded workout. The group setting also fosters a sense of community, where participants can share their experiences, challenges, and achievements, further enhancing the overall training experience.


Benefits Of Group Training


  • Collective Motivation: The group’s collective zeal can be infectious. Witnessing peers surmount their limitations can galvanise you to push your boundaries.
  • Social Synergy: Beyond fitness, group sessions are a melting pot of interactions, fostering friendships and a nurturing community.
  • Economical Fitness: The shared cost paradigm often renders group training more wallet-friendly than individual sessions.
  • Diverse Routines: Group sessions, especially those orchestrated by seasoned trainers like Functional For Life’s group training, infuse a medley of exercises, ensuring monotony never creeps in.

Which Option Is Best For Me?


The decision between individual and group training is deeply personal. Ultimately, individual personal training is the gold standard for PT, given the highly tailored and deep focus on each individual client. One on One PT certainly ensures injury/risk minimisation, as a high quality PT will have an understanding of a clients strengths and weakness, which is used to safely guide a client towards their goals. On the other hand, group training can be a brilliant option if seeking the camaraderie and collective energy of this style of session. The great news is the fitness industry is highly competitive and most gyms/businesses will offer a free trial, whether that be in person or online. If weighing up between which style of training is most suited, engaging in a free trial is highly recommended to assist in the decision making process.

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Ultimately, the choice between group and individual personal training hinges on your unique aspirations, physical capabilities, and personal preferences. Poised to embark on a transformative fitness odyssey? Whether you’re gravitating towards a private session or group, Functional For Life stands ready to help and guide you on your fitness journey.


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