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Why you should make the time to train

It’s a busy world

“I just don’t have time to train, work is crazy”

“I am like a taxi service for the kids ferrying them from one after school activity to another, I don’t get a minute to myself”.

“I have so much on at the moment, I can’t fit it all in”

Working as  personal trainers, time is a topic that we chat about with our clients on a regular basis. We understand that time is a precious commodity. Work, family, friends, kids, all of it can take up a huge chunk of time in the week. We can find ourselves treading water and just surviving the week. It goes without saying that time is a precious resource and using it effectively and efficiently to achieve your daily goals is crucial. It is also without argument that making the time to look after your health, fitness and wellbeing will lead to an array of positive physical and mental health outcomes. In this blog we look at why we encourage everyone to make time for exercise and how mobile PT can assist.  

What is Value?

“The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something”.

How much value do we place on exercise in the grand scheme of the week? We see consistently that exercise can rank pretty low, and can be seen as a menial task. But if we look at the benefits of what regular exercise can do for both mind and body it should hold higher value because it can be such a powerful tool to live a healthier and higher quality of life. Where does exercise rank  in your week?

Turn your should into a must 

Identifying exercise as a beneficial pursuit for your physical and mental well being is likely not groundbreaking news for anyone. It’s as obvious as pointing out the ill effects of smoking on the body and overall health. Ultimately the vast majority of the time we know full well what we ‘should’ be doing and what we ‘should not’ be doing to improve our physical and mental health. 

However the reality is it can genuinely be very difficult to fit exercise in, to say no to that extra coffee when you’re feeling tired, or to stay up that extra hour to watch one more episode of your favourite show. To be honest we should not be aiming for perfection, or doing every little thing by the book. However, we should be aiming for improvement, incremental improvements over time. As personal trainers this is what we preach. When it comes to exercise something is infinitely better than nothing. When it comes to a life changing overhaul of your health and fitness, committing to a fitness regime is incredibly beneficial. A skilled PT will dramatically increase the probability of results for those that need assistance. When a plan is set up to exercise and a PT is there to help execute the plan the likelihood of turning your ‘should’ into a ‘must’ will increase dramatically. If finding the time is a real challenge, consider a mobile personal trainer. Mobile personal trainers come to you and work around your schedule. We explore some of the benefits of working with a PT below. 

Lock Training in Around Your Schedule 

Not having time is one of the main reasons used to justify not exercising. There is no doubt that it is challenging to fit exercise into your schedule however it is also irrefutable that making it happen will have profound benefits for you. Having a trainer come to you at a consistent and predictable time, helps to first and foremost build a workout routine into and around your schedule. Furthermore, it saves a significant amount of commute time to and from the gym. Finally and perhaps most importantly it increases accountability dramatically. It is all too easy to not show up to the gym or a class of 20, however it is another thing to say no to a trainer when they are on your front door step. 

Forge a Routine 

One of the keys to success when it comes to training is to develop a routine, with the overarching goal of turning this routine into a habit. Eventually your body will acclimatise to doing exercise and will start yearning to move when it has been still for too long. The best way to create a routine is to consistently repeat actions over time. The standard recommendation at FFL is to do 2-3 sessions a week for the first 3 months to create that positive momentum. At the end of the 3 months the ideal outcome is there is an ingrained want to continue exercising accompanied with a deep understanding of the appropriate exercise to perform for you as an individual. This knowledge and understanding, if continued to be nurtured, will stay with you for life. 

Concrete Habit Building

Time and value have been a recurring theme in this article. Investing in your own body with a weekly exercise routine is a time saver reducing your chances of regular doctors visits in later years. It paves the way for lifelong health which is no doubt serious bang for your buck. An example is the review below. A previous client who invested in themselves and reaped the rewards.

I have been training with FFL for almost 12 months now and the difference i feel in my body is huge. I have always been in to my fitness and health but what FFL has done for me is greatly increase my mobility and strength with the focus around functional exercise.  I have suffered from lower back issues for almost 10 years, which lead me to avoid a lot of things but FFL has made it possible for me to do any exercise or activity without restriction which i am extremely greatful for. I will continue training with Justin at FFL indefinitely and cannot recommend this company more”. 


Take some action, look at the calendar, make time for yourself and prioritise yourself, this could be a game changer for a long time to come!

The benefits of exercise are clear. Exercise when performed consistently will lead to a vast range of positive changes to your health and wellbeing. Furthermore, there is no doubt it is not always ‘easy’ to make the time to exercise. It is also not ‘easy’ to deal with the repercussions of ignoring a basic exercise routine in the long term. Whether it is simply going for a walk or it’s a full on training regime with a PT, the most important thing is making the time to get moving, week in week out. 


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