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Four Fun ways to Find Workout Motivation

4 Fun Ways To Find Workout Motivation

At the end of the day, motivation may be the single most important aspect of any fitness routine. No matter how hard you exercise, how efficient you are with your workouts, or how diligent you are about your nutrition for any given stretch of time, the motivation to make it all consistent is what ultimately leads to results. And for the most part, we don’t tend to talk about it enough.

For those who may struggle to find adequate motivation though, we’ve written up a few fun ways to do just that – and in the end, to develop a more effective health routine.

1 – Find A Workout Group

One of the first things a lot of people will do when trying to ramp up a fitness routine is look into personal training. It can be a wonderful idea, and in many cases it can help you to develop more efficient, healthier, and all-in-all better workouts. Specific exercise aside though, one benefit of a personal trainer that isn’t discussed frequently is accountability. The need to show up on time, to meet your trainer, and to perform up to a certain standard can all be motivating – and you can get similar benefits by forming a workout group. If you find a few friends or colleagues who also want to step up their fitness efforts, you can develop a schedule and a degree of accountability that will motivate you to be more consistent – and you’ll probably have fun doing it!

2 – Open Up On Social Media

This may sound more fun to some than others, but if you happen to enjoy social media anyway, you can turn it into an enjoyable motivational tool for your health routine. By sharing your progress and – if you’re comfortable – even posting photos of it, you can establish a whole different sort of accountability. Now, generally speaking it’s healthiest to get fit for your own reasons, and not for the purpose of satisfying or showing off to anyone else. But in a more lighthearted sense, there’s definitely motivation to be found in showcasing your progress via your social networks.

3 – Bet On Success

Betting on success is not a guaranteed option, but with Australia’s wide array of betting sites it’s worth looking into if you’re trying to be creative. For the most part, these sites list odds for established sports and some other events, but every now and then a bookmaking platform will take a special bet, and there are a few stories online about people using this to wager on their own fitness or weight loss. Again, it’s best to lose weight or get into better shape for your own health and your own reasons, but placing a bet on it can be surprisingly motivating, and can set you up with a very tangible goal to work toward. In fact, even if a bookmaker won’t take your bet, arranging something similar with friends or family can work too!

4 – Embrace Virtual Reality

Motivation might not be quite the right word where virtual reality is concerned. But this technology can still spur you on to more regular and effective workouts. It’s expected that VR is going to gamify exercise, essentially giving people fun things to do and fun challenges to overcome while they perform certain exercises (biking, running on special treadmills, and even engaging with brand new machines, for instance). VR exercise isn’t quite as widespread yet as it’s undoubtedly going to be, but embracing it in the near future could certainly lead you to be more excited about your workouts.

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