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Why mobile personal training might be for you?

For those that are not aware, mobile personal training is becoming a big part of the health and fitness industry with mobile PT companies becoming more and more prominent in the fitness world. Today we look at why you might consider mobile personal training as an option to reach your health and fitness goals.


With many of us living busy lifestyles, a huge benefit of mobile personal training is that they can come to a location of your choice at a time that suits you. This means that they can meet you anywhere from your house, or office to a park or the beach. If finding the time to drive or walk to a gym, train and then return home or to the office is an issue then you might want to consider mobile PT as an option.

It requires limited space:

An effective personal training session can be conducted on a space as small as a yoga matt. A high quality trainer will be able to perform a balanced strength and conditioning circuit in very limited space and still work all of the major muscle groups. We will soon be posting a video on the Functional For Life website demonstrating a functional workout routine that can be performed in a very small space with minimal equipment.

It’s private:

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention a factor that can hold people back from exercising is lack of self confidence in their ability to be physically active. If this is an issue, attending a gym with lots of other people performing exercises can be a very intimidating place to start. Sometimes when it comes to getting back into exercise it is just a matter of taking that first step. Using a mobile PT to train you in the comfort of your own home can be a great option if you are not wanting to train at a gym. If you find this to be an option that is too expensive consider checking out sites such as or or of course for ideas on training with minimal to no equipment.


When it comes to training our clients we find that including variety in the program can help to maintain or increase motivation. Whilst we have a strong philosophy that there are some movements that need to be worked on consistently to ensure we give our body the best chance of moving efficiently and pain free; we also aim to throw in exercises that are engaging and safe to perform such as the ‘skill ladder’ or some ‘boxing’. Fortunately, when it comes to mobile personal training we can also add variety to the locations we choose. Some of our clients choose to train in various locations such as their home or a local park. Being able to train in an environment that is not confined to four walls can be a great way to mix up your training.

You have options:

In this article we have highlighted some of the reasons why mobile personal training might be the right fit for you on your fitness journey. This style of training won’t necessarily suit everyone, for example if you are looking to be a serious body builder you are much better off using a traditional gym. However, a good mobile PT will be able to help the majority of people reach their health goals. Most importantly we at FFL encourage you to start somewhere, whether that’s consulting a mobile PT, joining a gym or simply using the vast resources of the net to find ideas on where to start with your training. If you have any queries on your training we are more than happy to help answer them, just send us a message via our contact form. Happy training everyone!

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